Your heart felt good. It was dripping pitch and made of wood
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im abot to have a damn panic attack over all these bills and rent and my lack of money and connors gonna get mad at me for it askrngakfgmfglakhf;fkhmk;ag


if you’re the type of person that gives up on foreplay after having sex with someone a couple times, get away from me with your lazy ass

you know a little love and attempt at caring from someone who says they love me would be good instead of “not wanting to put up with me shit.” yeah that helps a lot thanks. like i didnt already feel like you dont want me around.

Today is mine and Connors one year anniversary

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I filled out this questionnaire to apply to Five Guys and it was mostly short answer questions and i hit enter and immediately got a message back saying I didn’t fit the position. Like how can it know that if a person didn’t even read what I had to say?????? Why even ask those questions??